Anderson Entrepreneur

Question: Think of a business that you could start at the Anderson School (i.e., catering to students/faculty at Anderson). Walk me through the analysis of starting that business. (Unknown company, 1999) My idea was to start a company that provided video of Anderson student interviews for recruiters on the web. The interviews would be conducted... Continue Reading →

Belco Bloopers

Question: Case was based on Bellco. I had to read a two-page case write-up and answer 3 questions. It was an issue of strategic options for a regional telephone company (still under the protection of government regulation) to go pursue investments into video dial tone technology or not, given the continuous entrants into that market.... Continue Reading →

Reverse Mortgages market- entry

Question: You are working for the CEO of a financial services company in San Francisco which leads to high- risk individual. The CEO reads about a bank in Florida that is offering reverse mortgages. The CEO wants to know if he should if he should offer this product. Interview' Head-Up  This is an estimation case with... Continue Reading →

Credit Union Problem

Question: You are a consultant whose services have been retained by a credit union that serves an army base and a number of rural communities in Montana. This business has been around for a long time. Its profits have been declining and it is losing market share to several new competitors. The credit union has... Continue Reading →

Cruise Choice

    Question: A company is considering purchasing one of two cruise lines. “A” operates in the Mediterranean and has an initial cost of $25 million, while “B” operates in the Caribbean and has an initial cost of $50 million. Both lines are profitable, and the company has an ROA of 20%. Which one would... Continue Reading →

Russian satellite

Question: A client has bought a Russian satellite after the break up of the Soviet Union. A large company has offered your client (an entrepreneur) $10 million for the satellite, and he wants to know whether he should accept the offer and sell it. Note: Text after the symbol ⊗ represents additional information supplied by the... Continue Reading →

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