Paper plant

Question: You are head of a large American corporation. Your company must build a new paper plant. You must decide which country to build the plant in. What factors would you consider? Solution: Analyze your supply chain. Where do you incur your costs? If your paper plant is highly automated, it might make more sense … Continue reading Paper plant

Losing money

Question: 4 Our client, ABC Airlines, is losing money. Why? Solution: Remember to consider the firm’s actions as well as external market forces such as the competitive environment. Questions include asking whether other airlines are losing money, or suffering drops in profits. If so, why? Causes might range from a rise in the cost of … Continue reading Losing money


Question: Your client is a major airline that wants to reduce the amount of money it spends per passenger on food service, ticketing, and baggage handling. What would you advise? Solution: Benchmarking is one good starting point for this type of case. You would certainly want to know (or at least be able to estimate) … Continue reading Airline

Cosmetic Strategy

Question: Eurocos, Inc. produces and sells various cosmetic products in several European countries. The company’s different brands are well established in the markets. The various products are quite similar in terms of raw materials and production. The company has been doing very well in the past; however, profits have been shrinking in recent years. The … Continue reading Cosmetic Strategy