Belco Bloopers

Question: Case was based on Bellco. I had to read a two-page case write-up and answer 3 questions. It was an issue of strategic options for a regional telephone company (still under the protection of government regulation) to go pursue investments into video dial tone technology or not, given the continuous entrants into that market. … Continue reading Belco Bloopers


Question: The question is purposely vague – you are asked by CEO of Revlon to estimate how many shades of lipstick the company should carry. You could think in terms of Market penetration – Revlon is “mainstream brand”; talk about brand extensions, etc. Profit – 20% of products make 80% of profits How many lines … Continue reading Revlon

SKU Jumble

  Question:  Detailed operations case with 2.5 pages of text. Like a mini-version of a full Harvard business school case on operations. Talked about manufacturing operations and supply chain issues and marketing issues such as demand forecasting, product mix/breadth of product lines. This particular case described a manufacturer of fireplace inserts having problems relating manufacturing … Continue reading SKU Jumble