New tire producer

Question: Calculate the Brazilian market for a new tire producer. Show your calculation. How may tires are sold per year in Brazil. Solution: . . C A P T A I N I N T E R V I E W . . Use market size framework. First separated in auto and others. Decided to... Continue Reading →

Designer Depot

Interviewer: So, let’s get started with the case. Candidate: Is it okay if I take notes? Interviewer: Of course. In fact, I would be pretty disappointed if you didn’t take notes. Today, we will talk about Designer Depot – a national retailer of luxury women’s clothing. It is a very profitable business and has a... Continue Reading →

Innovation Factory

Interviewer: This is a case on which I worked on about 8-10 years ago. I like this because it is different from most usual problems. Your client is the president of an electronics group, which is essentially an R&D think-tank. It is a very innovative place which employs 100 engineers who buy components and create... Continue Reading →

Bank UK

Interviewer: Your client is Bank UK. As the name suggests, it is a UK based bank and deals in retail services like mortgages, savings, loans, and credit cards. The bank’s revenues are rising, but the profits are declining. The client has asked you to identify why the profits are declining and to suggest strategies to... Continue Reading →

Collin’s Coffins

This case was actually an investment case turned on its head - whether to divest. Interviewer: The case we are about to do is for a company called Collin’s Coffins. What do you know about the coffins industry? Candidate: Absolutely nothing. Interviewer: Good. I knew exactly that much about the industry when I was put... Continue Reading →

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