Music Magic

Question: Two large entertainment (specifically music) conglomerates merge. Each own real estate. Total assets worth 900 million dollars. How does one deal with the real estate function within the new firm (integration). The overarching objective is to save money now! Solution: . . C A P T A I N I N T E R … Continue reading Music Magic

Bank loans

Question: One bank used to provide financial service to big industrial companies. Because of recent economic crisis, those big companies are facing troubles to repay their debts. The bank is looking for new customers, e. g. small or medium sized companies. How can the bank determine the credit of those companies to make loan decisions? … Continue reading Bank loans

Canada Co.

Interviewer: Your client is the largest discount retailer in Canada, with 500 stores spread throughout the country. Let©s call it CanadaCo. For several years running, CanadaCo has surpassed the second-largest Canadian retailer (300 stores) in both relative market share and profitability. However, the largest discount retailer in the United States, USCo, has just bought out … Continue reading Canada Co.