Hundred tigers and one sheep


Hundred tigers and one sheep are put on a magic island that only has grass. Tigers can live on grass, but they want to eat sheep. If a Tiger bites the Sheep then it will become a sheep itself. If 2 tigers attack a sheep, only the first tiger to bite converts into a sheep. Tigers don’t mind being a sheep, but they have a risk of getting eaten by another tiger. All tigers are intelligent and want to survive. Will the sheep survive?


If there is 1 tiger, then it will eat the sheep because he does not need to worry about being eaten. Sheep will not survive.
If there are 2 tigers, both of them knows that if one eats the Sheep, the other tiger will eat him. So, the sheep will survive.

If there are 3 tigers, then they each of them knows that if one tiger eats up the sheep, then Iceland will be left with 1 sheep and 2 tigers and as shown in the previous case, the sheep will survive. Hence each tiger will try to eat up the sheep. The sheep will not survive.

If there are 4 tigers, then the sheep will survive.

And so on….

So, If there are even number of tigers the sheep will survive, else it will die. Hence, if there are 100 tigers the sheep will survive.

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