Time bomb


Interviewer: You are strapped with a bomb vest. The timer on the bomb reads 1 minute. In front of you, there are two buttons, One of the button, when pressed would completely neutralize the bomb. The other button however would increase the speed of countdown timer by a factor of ten. The two buttons are identical in every respect. Which one will you press?

Candidate: What if I choose not to play?

Interviewer: Then the bomb will automatically go off, after preset countdown of 1 minute.

Candidate(protesting): But sir, this is just a game of probability!! I have 50 – 50 chances. There is no logical decision to be made in this situation. It’s all luck.

Interviewer(with a sadistic grin): Well, you have to do something. Your life is at stake.
Suddenly, the answer came to me in a flash.

Candidate: Sir, I’d press one button at random.

Interviewer: (with a ‘gotcha’ smile) : See… that’s the problem with making random choices. You thought that there is no way out, so you left it up to luck. That’s what we are here to judge in a candidate – whether he can maintain a calm temperament and think logically even in a high pressure situation or not. And it seems you completely failed. What if the button you chose randomly was the wrong one and the timer starts going ten time faster?

Candidate: Then I’ll simply press the second button!!!.

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