Sheet of paper


Interviewer: You have a sheet of paper. As you can see there are two surfaces on it. You are locked in a room and have NOTHING with you. Convert this 2 surface sheet into a single surface.

Candidate: I will paste in on the floor, then there will be only one surface.

Interviewer: But you don’t have any glue to paste it.

Candidate: I will roll it in the form of a cylinder.

Interviewer: But then there are 3 surfaces (top, bottom and lateral).

Candidate: A sphere has a single surface. What if I make a sphere out of the sheet?

Interviewer: But how will you make a sphere when you don’t have anything with you?
After thinking for about 5 seconds. I picked up the sheet and made a paper ball out of it.

Just like this:


images (4)

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