10 tricky questions

Question: 1

There are 4 tea cup (you must say 4 tea cups as in 40 cups) 3 fall down and smash how many are left

Answer: The answer is one

Question: 2

How do cows count?

Answer: they use a ‘cow’nter (counter) – 🙂

Question: 3

In all of written history I won’t show up at the end of a sentence but I will be there in the end . . .

Answer: a time period

Question: 4

Why did the cops raid the orchestra pit?

Answer: they heard that where the lute (loot) was hidden:-)

Question: 5

There are two persons. One is dead and one is still breathing. The dead one is called dead person. What did the other person call?

Answer: Help!!

Question: 6

Your father is a scientist who has invented a red pill which, if eaten with 1 blue pill which he has invented, will grant immortality. The night he invents it, he gives you 2 red and 2 blue pills just in case one of them is lost or substandard. He also warns you that an overdose will cause the opposite effect and kill you instead. You put the pills in your pocket and leave his lab for home.

On the way home, you are abducted by aliens who blindfold you and throw you into a singularity. At this point, you remember the pills your father gave you. You take them out (you can move and have enough oxygen in space for a short time), but realize that you can’t tell the red pill from the blue pill. Even if you take off your blindfold, you can’t see anything due to your proximity to the black hole. Given the circumstances, how do you successfully eat 1 red and 1 blue pill and survive?

Answer: Eat half of each pill.

Question: 7

James found a little hamster on the floor. He then took pictures of it. Why when he go to the gallery in his phone, he only see his faces instead of the hamster.

Answer: It is because he took the phone up side down and capture his own faces instead of the hamster.

Question: 8

Mary and jack are newly weds and want to go on a ski trip… So jack starts planning. He books a flight for them to Colorado. When they get there Mary gets pushed off the cliff. There is a guy in Hawaii named Sam and he was reading the paper. He right away said the husband did it. How does he know? HINTS: they have never met in person, jack did not tell Sam, he was not guessing, and it did not say it in the news paper.

Answer: Sam is the trip planner and jack bought one one way ticket and one round trip. So when he heard about it he knew jack pushed his wife Mary off the cliff. Sorry if this was too hard.

Question: 9

It makes everyone blind. You can’t see it and it will always come back for you.

Answer: The night

Question: 10

What is ready when you add a letter inside?

Answer: Read





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