The Only technique that you needed to clear the interview of your dream job.

I badly wanted to write on this topic.

I’m not going to write another “Top 10 Useful Tips for Interview”, or “The Ultimate Tips for Job Interview”.

In fact, I’m going to deliver a technique you can use in any interview.

And the best part?

You can use it to get more clients, land more contracts, get a job interview, internship or any type of negotiation.

Enough of this, now let’s jump to the technique.


…you went for an interview.

The interview is for your dream job. So you definitely did a lot of preparation and research.

And so your interview went just fine.

You answered many of their questions and skipped some difficult questions (like everyone else).

And it was turning out to be a good interview overall. But not the best.

Then something magical happens:

From your briefcase you pull up a 5-10 page document.

This document contains the solution to the current problems of the company and how you’re gonna solve them.

So for example, if you’re a iOS designer going for a job interview for Paytm. You come up with a detailed plan discussing their design problems in their iOS app and then you briefly describe the solution to these problems and exactly how you would solve them.

Do you know what just happened here?

Basically, you used astonishing preparation to get selected or close the deal and when you do this correctly, there’s no holding back.

In fact, imagine it from the interviewer’s point:

He got a detailed document of all the design problems in their iOS app. And for him, it’s “The most compelling document”.

Then, there’s nothing that can hold you from getting that job.

Next time, you get any interview call, do these things:

1) Research about the company, job and the key responsibilities as much as you can. Remember if you can’t research about a job, well you’re not fit for that job.

2) Slave away for hours to find the goals of the company and the possible problems or hinderance.

3) Finally, create a detailed solution for those problems describe exactly how you would solve them.

That’s it!

 It is known as Briefcase Technique.

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